Study Postgraduate Business

Study a postgraduate business degree with Sydney Business School, the graduate business school at University of Wollongong and earn a degree that will assist you to operate effectively in an increasingly competitive and evolving global business environment.

  • Campus locations in Wollongong or Sydney CBD.
  • Postgraduate studies in 1-1.5 years full time or 2 year options.
  • Degree options designed to suit your professional work experience or support you to gain work experience. 
  • Entry and pathway options recognising students with relevant professional or managerial experience.

Ranked in the top 200 business schools in the world, the School offers high quality teaching and learning programs valued by students and organisational stakeholders for their relevance to the needs of industry and the community.


  • Brendon Lyon

    "Leading a national industry group means that I have to be able to manage my team, oversee our core business and also have an eye to the future. I found Sydney Business School to be an outstanding option for my ongoing professional development."


    Brendan Lyon -
    MBA Alumni - Australia
    CEO Infrastructure Partnerships
  • Steven Purcell

    “Although I can measure the value of the EMBA degree in financial benefit, I believe the greatest benefit to me personally was instilling within my children a belief in the intrinsic value of education. A goal which when attained was not measured in lecture notes, words or academic references, but one measured in personal sacrifice, commitment and perseverance. The journey doesn’t stop here.”

  • Katharina Sauer

    “I studied on Sydney campus which is very modern equipped and located in the heart of the city. Sydney is a vibrate city with lots of different cultures and a fantastic lifestyle.”

    MBA Alumni - Germany
    Senior Consultant, Automotive Training & Consulting
  • Arush Kumarage

    “Not only has the Masters provided me with the knowledge and skills to enter into the industry, the many opportunities presented during my course have led to numerous avenues of career progression.”

    Arush Kumarage -
    Master of Science Logistics Alumni – Sri Lanka