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Welcome to a new way of learning

Our MBA favours street smarts over book smarts.

We’re doing away with conventional learning and introducing new and more relevant ways to give you the tools, understanding and experience you need to succeed.

So instead of burying yourself deep into textbooks, you’ll learn to manage and lead by getting hands-on and solving real-life business problems.

Developed by academics with extensive global business and research experience, our MBA will give you everything you need to take on the business world and thrive. Our MBA includes ten core subjects with the choice of two electives, and consists of three stages:


Here you’ll learn to diagnose issues in real organisations with a focus on marketing, talent management and accounting from a variety of perspectives. You’ll also develop communication, information and analytical skills while taking account of business ethics, regulatory governance and context-specific constraints.


Now it’s time to explore the latest thinking and practices from leading organisations and research worldwide, and evaluate emerging options in today’s business environment.
You’ll also get the chance to fine tune your skills in research, creative thinking and problem-solving, ethical decision making, communication and team work.


In this final stage, you’ll develop your strategic decision-making skills by undertaking a real-world project. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to diagnosing the underlying issues and make strategic recommendations aimed at ensuring sustained success for the organisation and its stakeholders.
It’s also your chance to sharpen your personal leadership skills, reflecting on the application of your learning and your future career development.


  • Strategic Marketing Management
  • Responsible Talent Management Strategies
  • Accounting for Managerial Decision Making


  • Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Commercialisation
  • Financial Strategy and Governance
  • Design Thinking and Business Transformation


  • Decision Effectiveness in Strategic Management
  • Responsible Leadership Effectiveness
  • Strategic Business Project
  • Leading Edge Management Cases


You can choose two electives to complement your MBA. The electives can be chosen from any other 900 level subjects offered by the Faculty of Business. This gives you the flexibility to tailor your MBA to suit your chosen career path. For example, add an elective in Project Management, Consumer Behaviour, International Business Strategies or even Supply Chain Management.

Associate Professor Grace McCarthy

"Our MBA will give you a holistic, strategic and responsible business point-of-view and the advanced leadership capabilities to ensure your organisation thrives in today’s fast moving competitive marketplace."


Associate Professor Grace McCarthy Dean, Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong
Professor Paul Gollan

"Our MBA will teach you the deep expertise and knowledge needed to drive practical productive value for organisations."

Professor Paul Gollan MBA Course Director
Flexible class times

The MBA is formatted to fit in with your professional and lifestyle commitments: three intakes per year, part time study options, and classes offered in the evening, weekend or by block delivery.

Flexible class times

This isn’t your normal, run-of-the-mill MBA

Not by a long shot.

This is an MBA created by academics with extensive global business and research experience to get you fit and ready to face the challenges of tomorrow’s business world.

This is an MBA where your classes will be combined with exclusive media events and Masterclasses giving you the chance to connect and learn from some of the sharpest and brightest minds in the industry.

So, are you ready to leave your mark on the business world?

Come and study your MBA with us at Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong.