Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong 
Alumni Community 

Our Sydney Business School alumni have a track record of lead roles across the globe. Our Alumni are connected with their postgraduate business cohort from the Sydney Business School and also have access to benefits and networks within the University of Wollongong alumni community.

Along with other alumni benefits our Sydney Business School Alumni have access to a career consultant who specialises in Business for up to two years after they graduate with their postgraduate qualification.

Connect with our Sydney Business School Alumni on our Sydney Business School LinkedIn page.

Alumni Stories

Champion of change

Liesel Wett

On a shelf behind Liesel Wett’s desk sits a picture of Wonder Woman. Take a look at her career and you might see the Wonder Woman image is more apt then Wett lets on.

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A spirited start-up

Dean Martelozzo

“No one will give you what you want; you have to go out there and earn it yourself. Sometimes that means you need to be creative in your approach,” Dean says.

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