Academic Advice

Academic Advice 

Our Academic staff allocate time each week to support students and provide academic guidance. It is not necessary to make an appointment to see lecturers during these hours, however it is useful to email your enquiry to the academic staff member prior to your meeting.

If you are not available to visit during these consultation times, you can contact the relevant academic staff member via telephone or email to make alternative arrangements. You can check their subject consultation time for the relevant campus on the Business Faculty's Consultations System Page.

Who to Contact 

Lecturer: The lecturers will assist you with subject content, reading materials, assessment tasks and feedback on assignments. The name of your lecturer and contact details will be listed on your subject outlines alternatively you can check their consultation times

Subject Coordinator: The Subject Coordinator has responsibility for the subject. The Subject Coordinator is responsible for the academic integrity of subjects taught. Coordinators approve the application forms which you submit including appeals, academic considerations and course progress policy applications. For general subject related matters, you must seek advice from your lecturer first.

Course Director: The Course Director is responsible for providing strategic leadership in consultation with the Head of School and/or Head of Students, including development, maintenance and review of the courses. You can see the Course Director for matters relating to your course structure, subject substitution and credit for prior learning.

Head of Students: The Head of Students is responsible for providing advice and information on the University Rules and Regulations for degrees within the Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong. You can see the Head of Student  for advice on course transfers and articulations, credit for prior learning, cross-institutional study, enrolling in excess credit points in a Trimester/session, taking leave of absence, course progress requirements, issues with graduation, serious academic consideration, complaints, grievances and appeals. Head of Students are located in Business Central. 

Head of School: The Head of School is responsible for teaching and assessment practices in all programs offered by Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong.

Student Support Advisor: If you have an issue or a problem that is affecting your study, then the Student Support Advisers may be able to help

Dean: The Dean is responsible for the overall academic, research and business development of the School.

If you are still unsure who the most appropriate staff member is to speak to, contact Business Central or visit Business Central on level 1 Building 40.

Last reviewed: 9 April, 2018