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Careers Service at Sydney Business School 

Career Consultants

Throughout your study and for two years after you graduate, you will have access to a qualified Careers Consultant who specialises in Business. The consultant can help you improve your employability and provide up-to-date information on the Australian job market, additional career programs and jobsearch resources.

A career consultant is available on Sydney CBD campus on Tuesdays and Fridays. You can book in an individual consultation to:

  • Ascertain what your needs are and establish career goals
  • Have your resume checked
  • Access free information and resources to assist your job search
  • Receive direction on where to access work-based learning opportunities such as internships

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Workshops at the Sydney CBD Campus 

Careers Central

Careers Central offers a range of services to support students in their job seeking activities, including you can utilise through their website:

  • Online JobBoard - Local, national and international career opportunities
  • Careerhub Plus – An online library specifically designed to improve student, graduate and alumni employability
  • Going Global Resources - Labour market information, cultural information and global job and internship opportunities
  • Applying for Jobs - Career tips, information and resources to help you land a job
  • Careers Events - Workshops, conferences and career expos
  • Resume Review Service - Have a professional consultant assess your resume and provide you with personalised tips and feedback 

Careers Central website 

Last reviewed: 12 February, 2019