Internship Opportunities

Internship Opportunity

MSc – Supply Chain/Project Management – Internships

Business Research Project (MSc) is a core subject for students undertaking a Master of Science (Supply Chain Management & Project Management). Students enrolled in OPS922 have the potential to access short term unpaid internships through Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong industry partners; including Multinationals in Sydney and SME's in the Illawarra region. Internships have a duration of 10 – 20 days and are competitive. Apply and submit an expression of interest.

International Workplace Practice

International Workplace Practice is an elective subject available for students who are undertaking a 12 or 16 subject master’s degree. Students gain access to the Australian workforce either through work experience, industry based project or part time employment, enabling them to apply discipline specific knowledge to practical workplace settings.

Intercultural Professional Practice

International student completing the Master of Professional Accounting can enrol in Intercultural Professional Practice. The subject aims to develop teamwork and inter-cultural communication skills which are essential for your professional development as an accountant. Throughout the course students learn about the legal, cultural and professional expectations of working in Australia, as well as how to overcome cultural barriers you may face in the workplace. The subject also includes the possibility of an unpaid work placement in Australia.

Jobs Board

If you are a student interested in internships or vocational work outside of your course, visit the University of Wollongong Career Central Jobs board for current opportunities

Gained Experience

Devika Chandramonhan Internship

Devika Chandramohan

Master of Business Administration (Advanced)

GWP900 – Internship with AGL

“I am Devika Chandramohan, pursuing Master of Business Administration (Advanced) with the Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong. With previous experience in delivering IT solutions, I am broadening my expertise with a specialisation in Supply Chain Management and Logistics.

Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong provided me a great opportunity to work with AGL energy through their structured internship program for students. As a Procurement Intern at AGL Energy, I was able to apply the academic knowledge to obtain a tangible industry experience. Internship at AGL has served as an ideal platform to shape my professional career.”

Lydia Xia Internship

Lydia Xia

Master of Business Administration

GWP900 – Internship with AGL

"My internship with AGL has been incredibly helpful for my studies. During my time as an Online Engagement Specialist, I learnt a lot about the way companies in Australia operate. My manager at AGL taught me a lot, especially how to communicate with different stakeholders. After I graduate, I plan to stay in Australia as a permanent resident and hope to gain full time employment. Getting a Postgraduate qualification from UOW is much more than just a piece of paper – it’s given me real world experience, and the academic qualification to pursue a career in business."

Sukulthara Chumsakwinit

Master of International Business

Internship with the Flagstaff Group

“My name is Sukulthara Chumsakwinit. I am from Thailand and am currently enrolled in a Master of International Business through UOW. International business is my primary interest, focusing particularly on multilanguage and multicultural contexts.

Thanks to Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong’s internship program I was fortunate enough to receive an internship with the Flagstaff Group, doing marketing research for them. Being able to work in an Australian office environment was extremely rewarding, in particular giving me the opportunity to communicate at work in English (which is not my native language). I also encountered and worked with disabled employees, which further expanded my horizons.

The experience I’ve received from the internship should help me when I find a job in my own country, because I can show that I have good English language skills, have experience in an Australian office environment, and can work in a multicultural context. UOW staff were very helpful in getting me the internship through targeted questions that helped to define my special area of interest, thus enhancing both the value of my placement and the prospects for my future career.”

Last reviewed: 22 May, 2017