Course Delivery

Course Delivery

We offer three intakes per year and courses are formatted and scheduled to fit in with your professional commitments. Some classes are offered on a weekly basis throughout the day or evening, while others run in intensive mode over the weekend to minimise time away from other responsibilities.

WEEKLY CLASSES: Delivered between Monday and Friday, during regular class hours of 8.30am – 5.30pm.

EVENING CLASSES: This option offers classes after 5.30pm to help make attending classes convenient for students with commitments during the day.

WEEKEND CLASSES: Some postgraduate classes are offered on weekends, making it easier to fit your study around your work commitments and personal life.

BLOCK DELIVERY: Some of our postgraduate degrees are offered in successive full-day classes allowing you to rapidly cover course material.

ONLINE: The Graduate Certificate in Business can be delivered online offering providing you flexibility to study the course in your own environment.

Last reviewed: 12 July, 2017