Integrated Masters

Business Integrated Masters

1 Year Masters Navy

This four-year study option combines an undergraduate degree and a postgraduate degree to allow you to complete both degrees within a shorter timeframe. The degrees are completed consecutively, so that after successful completion of the Bachelor’s degree, you will receive a transfer of course credits that will allow you to complete your Masters degree in a shorter time, and for less cost.

After completing your undergraduate degree, you will have an opportunity to study your postgraduate degree at Wollongong or the Sydney CBD campus at Circular Quay.

Integrated Masters Courses Combinations

Duration 3 Years Duration 1 Year
Bachelor of Commerce+Master of Business
Bachelor of Business+Master of Business
Bachelor of Commerce (Supply Chain Management)+Master of Science (Supply Chain Management or Project Management)


CRICOS: 027464A
DURATION: 3 years
CAMPUS: Wollongong
IELTS :Overall 6 (R:6, W:6, L:5, S:5)
STARTS: Autumn (February) & Spring (July)
MAJORS: Accountancy, Business Law, Economics, Finance, Financial Planning, Human Resource Management, International Business, Management, Marketing, Public Relations, Supply Chain Management.

The degree offers a foundation year that covers all core disciplines of business, giving students a solid understanding of issues facing business today. The degree is designed for students who would like to major in one or more of the principal areas of commerce. You will receive relevant industry-driven content and a firm foundation in the principles of ethical commerce, preparing you to succeed in your chosen career, and for the next generation of leadership roles.


CRICOS: 075096M
DURATION: 3 years
CAMPUS: Wollongong
IELTS: Overall 6 (R:6, W:6, L:5, S:5)
STARTS: Autumn (February) & Spring (July)

The Bachelor of Business provides you with the knowledge and experience to move into many types of business careers such as international business, finance, public relations, management and marketing. You will develop a comprehensive knowledge of business and organisations, and the skills to analyse business issues in local, national and international contexts.


CRICOS: 042635F
CAMPUS: Wollongong or Sydney CBD
DURATION: 1 year (1.5 years without Integrated Master Option)
STARTS: Trimesters 1 (February), 2 (May) and 3 (August)

This degree will give you the knowledge and skills to succeed in a rapidly changing business environment in logistics, supply chain management, project management, and operations management. Logistics/ Supply chain management enables you to successfully manage the flow of materials and information within and between organisations and other relevant stakeholders.
Project Management will equip you with the skills and knowledge to deliver on large scale projects as well as continuous improvement within an organisation.


CRICOS: 082826A
CAMPUS: Wollongong or Sydney CBD
DURATION: 1 year (1.5 years without Integrated Masters Option)
STARTS: Trimesters 1 (February), 2 (May) and 3 (August)
SPECIALISATIONS: Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, International Business, Management and Marketing.

This degree is suitable for managers and middle managers seeking to further their career in a specialised field of business.Theoretical and practical knowledge and skills are developed through the study of foundation subjects, specialisation specific core subjects and electives. The specialised knowledge and skills are consolidated through the completion of an industry based research project.

Last reviewed: 12 December, 2018