ADF Transition Program

Transition Program: Professional Service Transformation

Moving to the private sector can be daunting. You have developed phenomenal skills during your ADF career and the next challenge is how you can translate and transition those skills into a very different field of operation.

Our Professional Service Transformation program is delivered by professionals who, through active mentoring and networking, will connect you with the business community, and enhance your own sense of purpose.

We will help you focus the skills you have for the commercial world and work with you to develop extra skills critical for success.

We will support you with a focused program to help you transition.

Professional Service Transformation

DURATION: 3 months part time (up to 12 months).
STARTS: 2020.
COST: $1,200 per student.

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ADF Transition Program

Sydney Business School, UOW’s Professional Transformation program is formed around three essential themes for success in the corporate world: wellbeing, mentoring and networking.

These themes will underpin your studies where you will learn the use of essential business tools: business writing, presenting, research, and storytelling, along with wellbeing activities designed to profile your personal strengths, assets and motivations to guide your transition into the corporate landscape.

Your program will be delivered by world-class academics, along with external speakers who are experts in their fields. We will build on great classroom activities by working directly with you to identify and facilitate potential workplace opportunities.


  • Pathway into further education with credit into postgraduate programs at Sydney Business School, UOW.
  • Mentor through the process.
  • Understanding what the private sector is looking for from you
  • Understanding of your personal strengths, assets and motivations.
  • Effective use of business tools and how to apply them in the workplace.
Last reviewed: 31 July, 2019