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Sydney Business School has committed to achieving gender equity in the MBA program by offering 50 Women in MBA Scholarships aimed to improve the participation of women in MBA programs.

An MBA has a significant impact on career pathways and is particularly acute in driving middle-managers towards executive roles. Sydney Business School will partner with businesses to identify and support females in middle management through an MBA.

The partnership supports future female leaders by providing:

  1. Financial Support – Sydney Business School will match the contribution of the business partner dollar for dollar (up to 50 per cent). In order to qualify, the business partner must contribute a minimum of 15 per cent of the total program costs per nominated recipient.
  2. Business Partner Support – the business partner will provide practical support to enable the recipient to attend class, undertake additional study and group work and complete assignments.
  3. Guidance and Advice – the business partner will pair recipients with in house mentor to provide them with guidance, support and advice throughout their MBA program and also in helping them to develop their post-MBA career pathway. Sydney Business School will offer a personal mentor outside the students’ organisation to provide guidance and support.
  4. Academic Support - Sydney Business School will provide an Academic staff member as a personal contact to ensure students receive support to succeed in their course.

How to apply:

If you are a woman who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia and is interested in the Sydney Business School Women in MBA scholarship, you must first seek nomination from your employer and have them agree to support you by contributing between 15-50 per cent towards the cost of completing the MBA. You will then be required to complete the application form and submit it, along with your resume and statement of motivation, and your employer’s statement to mba-scholarship@uow.edu.au

Employers must:

  1. Provide financial support of up to 50 per cent, no less than 15 per cent of the total program costs per nominated recipient.
  2. Provide a one page Employer Statement - a detailed letter outlining why they are nominating their employee for this program. The letter should explain why the employee meets the criteria of having leadership potential and that they are able to reach these goals within in five to ten years. It should highlight (1) performance relative to peers, (2) succession of promotions within the company, and (3) demonstrated leadership in specific contexts.
  3. Provide support to employee to enable the recipient to attend class, undertake additional study and group work and complete assignments.

More information:

Interested candidates should contact us by phone: 02 4252 8507 or email: mba-scholarship@uow.edu.au. Corporate or organisational representatives should contact Michael Grainger: 02 4298 1243 or email michael_grainger@uow.edu.au.

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Last reviewed: 20 February, 2017